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Product Spotlights


House of Bread Honey Whole Wheat

A great option for sandwich bread, this Honey Whole Wheat variety by House of Bread contains honey, 100% whole wheat flour, water, yeast and salt. This bread has no chemicals or artificial preservatives. Anchorage, Alaska-based House of Bread opened in December 2010. The company specializes in breads, soups and salads made from natural ingredients with  READ MORE »

Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Bread Mix

This 100% whole wheat bread mix from Bob’s Red Mill is ideal for bread machines or for making bread by hand. The mix contains dry honey, stone ground whole wheat flour, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and molasses. Each package makes one 1 1/5 pound loaf. Bob Moore’s journey began in the 1960s when he came across  READ MORE »

Papa Larry’s Pizza Dough

Using local honey and organic extra virgin olive oil this high quality, homemade pizza dough by Papa Larry’s comes in honey wheat and white wheat varieties. The dough balls will make a 16-inch thin crust or two 10-inch skillet pizza crusts. Terry and Jennifer Boivin have been making their own pizza dough for family and  READ MORE »