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Product Spotlights


Honey Butter Cornbread Crisps — Farmer’s Pantry — N.Y.

Farmer’s Pantry is opening new doors in the cracker aisle with the first cornbread cracker snack. The baked, not fried, Honey Butter crispy bites are slow-roasted. Farmer’s Pantry is committed to creating snacks made with wholesome ingredients that are easily identifiable and grown on American farms.

Mini Honey Grahams — Pamela’s Products — Ukiah, Calif.

Bringing your childhood back to the pantry, Pamela’s Products Mini Honey Grahams are meant to be snacked, munched or dunked. Made with organic non-GMO butter and organic honey, you can put away your guilt and reach for these sweet graham crackers instead. Pamela’s Products prepares gluten-free foods including baking mixes, cookies and snack bars, with  READ MORE »

Honey & Corn Baked Snack Crackers — Milton’s Craft Bakers — San Diego, Calif.

Every great piece of corn bread needs honey, so when Milton’s Craft Bakers developed a cracker that tasted like corn bread, they made sure to include honey. Honey & Corn Baked Snack Crackers combine wheat, corn and honey in a crunchy cracker that tastes like corn bread, and does not contain any preservatives, saturated fat  READ MORE »