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Product Spotlights


Sticky Sweet Desserts

Sometimes you just need a sugary snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, and what better than a dessert that is Made With Honey? Check out two of our favorite indulgences as we head into the holiday season! Signature Baklava – Harry & David Handmade in the Harry & David bakery, this sweet Greek dessert is crafted  READ MORE »

Heritage Flakes. Nature’s Path

Nature’s Path, Richmond, B.C., is a family owned company that produces certified organic products. Founded in 1985, the company is a pioneer of the organic foods movement. The company’s Heritage Flakes are made with a special blend of ancient grains, including wheat, barley, quinoa and spelt. The grains are lightly sweetened with honey. The cereal  READ MORE »

What Happened to Breakfast Being the Most Important Meal?

More than 21% of the 10,000 U.S. consumers polled by Instantly said that they will skip breakfast when strapped for time in the mornings, and 43% said they will grab something on the go. “In the U.S., with longer work days that break out of the 9-5 model, timing and convenience has become a deciding  READ MORE »