It’s a Winner—Packaged Bread Loaves Rise to Occasion

Long considered a staple of the American diet, bread still is the best thing since, well, sliced bread.

A just-released Packaged Breads: U.S. Market Trends report says that retail sales of packaged breads reached $13 billion in 2012. Consumers usually look for nutrition and taste as the top two selling points in packaged bread consumption. took a look at how bread manufacturers are responding to consumers’ needs and wants. Breads not only contain more unique ingredients than ever before, but contain different textures and tastes due to those ingredients. Whole grain and gluten-free breads are flying off of shelves, with marginal growth of the category expected to happen between now and 2017. Honey masks the sometimes bitter notes of whole grain breads, making it an ideal sweetener, as evidenced in the ingredient’s use in these products:

Bakers also are using honey in breads to extend shelf life naturally. Honey is available in liquid and dried forms, making it the perfect sweetener for any bread variety or production environment. The following breads with honey have caught our eye on supermarket shelves.

Cleveland-based Orlando Baking Company’s True Grains is an exclusive line of whole wheat breads specially formulated with probiotic cultures. The honey wheat variety is a wholesome bread made with honey and whole wheat flour.

Trader Joe’s packaged Whole Grain Fiber Multigrain Bread is a 100% whole grain offering with only 90 calories per honey-filled slice, along with 16% of daily protein needs. Dietary fiber comes in at six grams per slice.

Pepperidge Farm’s Soft Honey Whole Wheat Bread is low in saturated fat, is a good source of fiber and is certified by the American Heart Association. The cholesterol-free variety contains honey, which provides a sweet flavor to this whole grain loaf.

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