Names Top Chocolate Trends January 31st, 2012

Chocolate! Simply stated, this delectable treat can either stand alone or can be paired with another ingredient, such as honey.  Indulging in chocolate may feel sinful, but with 3 billion pounds of chocolate consumed yearly worldwide one is never alone in enjoying the treat.  In a recent article states the key chocolate trends for 2012 will be “pure” or “true to nature” labeling along with products offering premium ingredients.  Honey adds a perfectly sweet addition to dark chocolate and helps confectioners stay on target with premium and true-to-nature trends.

Pure is the New Natural says simple labels and simple ingredient declaration is what consumers are calling for and products claiming to be “pure” or “true to nature” are multiplying fast.  Toblerone, a division of Kraft Foods, promotes a simple label and uses honey as a key ingredient in their product line.  Ingredients such as sugar, chocolate, milk, cocoa, butter and honey do not confuse consumers and make it a much simpler and seemingly smarter candy choice.

By adding honey into a list of simple ingredients, candy makers are capitalizing on consumer trends and ensuring they stand out from the competition.

Premium is Standing Out

Premium flavors, labeling, and ingredients also are on the rise.  Honey is one way chocolatiers can promote premium ingredients to their consumers and stay on top of trends.

Lake Champlain Chocolates® is one such company that offers premium taste in every bite, starting with high quality Belgian chocolate and adding local ingredients such as sweet butter, maple syrup, Vermont cream and honey.



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