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Betterbee™ Sweet™ Honey Candy
Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

All-natural honey candy made from honey, evaporated cane juice and brown rice syrup.  Made in four varieties honey, honey-lemon, honey-pomegranate and honey-apple, this candy is a best seller and keeps customers coming back again and again.

Betterbee began in 1979 on a family farm in Greenwich, New York when the hobby of beekeeping became a passion.  Betterbee is founded on the premise that anyone can be a part of beekeeping whether you are the beekeeper or you buy honey in your local market.

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Candy With Honey’s Top 3 Picks for a Sweet Valentine’s Day
Monday, February 13th, 2012

Valentine’s Day is the day of the year we are all expected to take time out of our busy schedules to make those significant people in our lives feel special. According to the National Retail Federation’s annual consumer intention survey, Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach around $17.6 billion in 2012.  Consumers choose many different avenues to express the way they feel through the gift they give.  Whether it’s choosing to purchase an elaborate gift or simply giving a card, pairing it with some of these candy choices will make your Honey swell with appreciation.

50% of shoppers this Valentine’s Day will be purchasing candy for their sweetie. Hearts and heart-shaped gifts are the symbol of love and romance on Valentine’s Day. With an astounding 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate sold each year a favorite, seemingly everyday candy can instantly become a symbol of admiration.

Pangburn’s® Millionaires premium milk chocolate, sweet caramel, and honey already come packaged in a heart container and are a tasty treat for your Valentine.

Another sweet option is Honey Caramels from Lake Champlain Chocolates. Pure Vermont honey, fresh cream, dipped in dark chocolate and wrapped in gold foil, these elegant chocolates will set the stage for romance.

Not a chocolate lover? Try Gimbals Finest Candies Honey Lovers. These heart shaped candies are the perfect way to show your sweetheart your sensitive side.  Flavors like peaches and honey, coconut honey and blueberry honey are a temptation that no Valentine can refuse.

There are several ways to profess your love and appreciation to those special people in your life.  Keep it simple with something sweet and delicious.

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Gimbal’s Fine Candies Honey Lovers
Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Announce your sweet side by treating the special people in your life to Honey Lovers candy hearts this Valentine’s Day.  Made with honey and high in vitamin C these adorable hearts are sure to win yours.  Pomegranate honey, honey dipped strawberry and black cherry honey are just a few of the 16 flavors to choose from.

Gimbal’s Fine Candies established in 1898 in downtown San Francisco is still passionate about creating gourmet candies and delectable treats after four generations.

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