Cocoa Bee Honey Caramels December 28th, 2012

Cocoa Bee Honey Caramels are artisanal caramels made from New Jersey honey, imported dark chocolate, fruits, nuts and fleur de sel. Each piece is enrobed in imported dark chocolate. The honey caramelscocoa_bee_nj_choco_cara__74720.1350683691.1280.1280 are retailed in a 3-oz. pack with six pieces in the following flavors: roasted pecan; blood orange & roasted almond; blueberry; cranberry; salted; and cinnamon.

Donna & Company was founded by Diane Pinder. Donna was Diane’s younger sister who was killed in an automobile accident while still a teenager and for whom Diane named her business. Donna volunteered at a New Jersey summer camp for brain injured children until her untimely death.  After her passing, the facility was named Camp Donna in her honor and continues their work to this day.


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