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Heavenly Organic’s Honey Pattie Chocolate Mint
Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

This treat is made with organic white Himalayan honey and is covered with organic unsweetened chocolate mint shell.

It also is gluten and dairy free. Only sweetened with 100 percent honey, this candy is sure to fulfill a sweet tooth.

Heavenly Organics is dedicated to creating and maintaining purity, health, flavor and harmony with nature. The company aims to produce 100 percent organic products in methods that nourish the biodiversity of the Earth and is also committed to sustainable and fairly traded agriculture.

Ingredients: raw organic white honey, organic Italian slow-roast dark chocolate liquor (unsweetened chocolate) and natural peppermint oil

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Chocolate Lovers Rejoice—Confection Reaches No. 1 in Sales
Monday, May 20th, 2013

Whether it’s dark, milk, white or melted, most of the world’s population loves some form of chocolate.

And, it shows. According to a new market research report by Global Research & Data Services, chocolate accounts for more than 55 % of total confectionary sales in the world.

Confections reached the $185.5 billion mark last year globally, with more than a 5% increase compared to last year.

It is no surprise that the United States landed in the top five countries in terms of confectionary market value, driven mostly in part by new flavors, ingredients and products.

Honey has done its part to boost the chocolate market in the United States, as Honey Stinger (chocolate waffle), Trader Joe’s (dark chocolate honey mints) and BeeAlive (chocolate honey mints) all have recently released new products.

Confectionary sales continue to grow, and Global Research & Data Services predicts the category reaching a global $208 billion mark by 2017.

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Droga Chocolates’ Founder Puts Her ‘Money on Honey’
Friday, May 17th, 2013

An addiction to homemade rocky road candy and three years living in Italy created the winning combination for Michelle Crochet, creator of Droga Chocolates.

Crochet’s love and passion for food was deepened through her time in Italy, as well as three years as a food buyer for Williams-Sonoma. Using her mother’s inspiration, Crochet creates Droga treats by combining nostalgic flavors with modern twists out of her Los Angeles-based kitchen.

Q: Can you talk further about your time in Italy, how it pertains to food, chocolate, and how you finally came to the conclusion you were going to start your own company?

A: Italy was an experience that changed my perception on food.  I not only ate in great restaurants, but it was especially at my family’s table, where we were eating the simplest of foods using the simplest of ingredients, where I was amazed. I learned that the best ingredients, however simple, would produce great food.

Q: Why is it important to you to use premium, local and organic ingredients (when possible)?

A: The best ingredients always produce the best product. Getting local ingredients supports our local environment, economy, and ensures our products are being made with the freshest ingredients possible!

Q: Where did the idea to work with honey in your caramels come from and what are the benefits of using honey for you personally?

A: The best attribute of honey is the amazing flavor. While there are so many honeys right now, we are focused on the unrefined California wildflower, which has wonderful delicate floral notes to it.  Whenever a batch of our honey caramel, called Put Your Money on Honey, is being made, I can’t help but smile at the scent of the wildflower honey wafting through the kitchen. I was inspired by the idea of using honey from trips to the Saturday farmer’s market at the San Francisco Ferry Building, which is where I was living at the time I developed it.  One day while testing batches, I must have been on the fourth or fifth batch, a large bumblebee came floating in through my open window. He gave me quite a startle, but it was amazing that the honey must have attracted him—who knows from how far away!

Q: Can you talk more about working with honey and your partnership with Bennett’s Honey Farm?

A: Bennett’s Honey Farm harvests delicious honey and is a small operation. They are easy to work with and always available, sharing information on honey and supplying us with some of the tastiest honey I have ever had.

Q: Why wildflower honey? Plans for more flavors?

A: It’s just so rich and nuanced. Our honey caramel is our best seller, so for now we are focused on that and trying to get it to market nationwide as best we can. But in the future, definitely anything is possible, and creating a distinctly different honey caramel with a different variety could be very exciting.

Q: Any other plans for new honey-infused products in the future?

A: It’s a great ingredient, so I’ll be working with honey in products for sure. It’s a great flavor booster.

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