Melville Candy Co. Clover Honey Spoons July 24th, 2014

Melville Candy Co. Clover Honey Spoons

Made with honey, this set of six Honey Spoons by Melville Candy Co. are great to stir into tea or to have as a candy lollipop.

Each spoon is embedded with bee pollen on wooden sticks and is hand-poured. Each lollipop weighs .5 oz.

Melville Candy Company is a family-owned company that has been producing charming barley sugar lollipops in whimsical shapes and classic flavors for a quarter century. In addition to its regular selection of fruity barley lollipops, the company offers a wide variety of seasonal and holiday products and offers endless customization options. The Weymouth, Mass.-based company recently has expanded its selection to include hard candy tea and coffee spoons.

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