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The Velvet Chocolatier Honey Truffles
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

The Velvet Chocolatier Honey Truffles

The entire line of chocolate truffles by The Velvet Chocolatier is made with honey.

All of the dark chocolate used is 64% cacao, and the ganache in each truffle is hand rolled, dipped and sprinkled with a hint of flavored ganache. Honey varieties include cinnamon, dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate caramel, hazelnut, honey milk chocolate and vanilla.

Ruthie Carliner’s adventure into chocolate began when her husband and kids encouraged her to do something fun after the sale of her dad’s business. She enrolled in culinary school, discovered chocolate and found The Velvet Chocolatier. Endorsed by Oprah in 2011, Ruthie’s chocolates now are shipped all over the world.

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Le Petit Mousse Chocolates Honey Caramel
Friday, August 22nd, 2014
Jacopo Poli Miele Honey Liqueur

Le Petit Mousse Chocolates has designed its own take on the classic Honey Caramel.

This version is made with 100% wildflower honey to create a smooth, sweet and slightly floral finish. The caramels are bathed in a 55% dark chocolate couverture and finished with Cyprus Flake sea salt.

Early in Chef Jeffrey Strauss’ career, he discovered that he had a passion for creating artisan chocolates and other confections. This enthusiasm inspired the creation of Le Petit Mousse Chocolates in conjunction with Pamplemousse Grille in San Diego, Calif., in 1996.

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Candy Industry Names Top Fancy Food Show Trends
Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Summer may be winding down, but this summer’s Fancy Food Show continues to bask in the glory of its biggest numbers yet. Candy Industry reports that 2,700 exhibitors, 300 of which were there for the first time, came to the show.

Gourmet food now is an $88.3 billion industry, and the magazine reports that artisanal foods, smaller portion sizes, nutritional claims and clean labels are key considerations that consumers are taking into account when purchasing from the category.

Veteran trend spotter for Candy Industry, Curtis Vreeland, noticed five trends that caught his eye at the show, all of which have been helped along with the sweet taste of honey.

  1. Spirits. Vreeland noticed that craft confectioners and craft distillers are producing more spirit-infused and/or flavored sweets. Victorian Truffles Peanut Butter & Honey Whiskey Milk Chocolates combine honey, peanut butter and American Honey Whiskey for divine truffles with a slight kick.
  2. Smokey. Show lovers craved a little smokey in their bellies, and Duke’s Honey Bourbon Beef Jerky hits the spot. This slow-smoked beef jerky uses honey blended with Jim Beam bourbon, salt, spices, dried onion and dried garlic. It’s all-natural with no preservatives or colorings.
  3. Fiery. Attendees were fired up over anything that spiced up their taste buds. With a blend of honey powder, a pinch of paprika and spicy chili peppers served on a golden baked chip, “fiery” seekers can look to Kettle Brand Bakes Potato Chips.
  4. Coconut. This fruit (yes, coconuts are technically classified as fruits) seems to be on everyone’s trend radar in 2014, and the Fancy Food Show was no different. Sanders Fine Chocolates Dark Chocolate Cherry Granola Bar blends coconut with honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, cherries, dark chocolate and granola. The snack bar is gluten-free.
  5. S’mores. It seems Americans want “s’more” of these tasty campside treat. Try gluten-free S’moreables by Kinnikinnick Foods. They are made with honey, pea starch and non-hydrogenated shortening. With gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free and casein-free claims, these crackers are sure to sweeten the deal for clean label lovers.
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