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185Chocolat Honey Thai Truffle
Thursday, September 18th, 2014
HoneyTahiTruffle 185Chocolat Honey Thai Truffle

Regional honey is blended with creamy Tahini for a nutty buttery flavor and satiny feel in these Honey Thai Truffles from 185Chocolat.

Duluth, Minn.-based 185Chocolat was named for Heidi Ash, who was the 185th recipient of a heart transplant at the Mayo Clinic. To honor organ recipients, a portion of all proceeds is donated to the Charity Transplant Fund. Ash believes that 185Chocolat is a blissful celebration, “just like life ought to be.

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Honey Shines at Fancy Food Show
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Fall is fast approaching, therefore it’s time to reflect upon some of the hot summer trends that swept this year’s Fancy Food Show. reports that this year’s show was the largest ever, with a record breaking 2,700 exhibitors. Sales are up in the gourmet food industry, with an 18.4% leap in the past two years.

Three hundred new exhibitors hit the show floor and contributed to the spirited, smoky, fiery, coconut and s’more trends of the season. Candy Industry chose several products that were breaking boundaries while staying on trend. Several are sweetened with honey.

Quin Candy goes the traditional route with handmade products using real purees and minimal locally-sourced ingredients, including honey. A new twist on the old happens when trendy flavors are added, including blackberry tangerine, lemon tangerine and smoked cola.

Oregon Distillers Collection offers three truffles made with honey in its Moonstruck Collection: Honey Vanilla Caramel, Sea Salt Vanilla Caramel Milk Chocolate and Pure Gold Truffle. Items in the collection stay on trend with paired with spirit-infused chocolates.

Two of Mediterra’s new nutrition bar sets introduced at the show are made with honey. They include four varieties:  Orange & Honey and Pistachio & Honey, made with Greek honey and Cherry & Pistachio and Apricot & Pistachio. All bars in the lineup are inspired by a Mediterranean diet: sundried fruits, whole grains and Greek honey.

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Smitten Artisan Truffles Kalamansi + Crème Honey
Thursday, September 11th, 2014

SmittenChocolate 300x214 Smitten Artisan Truffles Kalamansi + Crème Honey

Combine crème honey and Filipino lime and you have Smitten’s Artisan Kalamansi + Crème Honey Truffles. Varieties come in a four-piece, nine-piece or 16-piece box.

Vanessa Holden launched Smitten Artisan Truffles in 2012. A wine lover, she began researching and developing chocolate truffles that paired well with different wines in the valley. She took a few batches to test market at English estate Winery in Vancouver, Wash. and the rest is history.

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