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Did you know candy corn is made with honey?
Monday, October 24th, 2016


Everyone knows the distinctive orange, yellow and white candy corn colors.

The bright candies symbolize Halloween and make for a festive decorating for fall. But did you know that some candy corn is made with honey?

Brach’s Candy Corn uses honey to create America’s #1 selling candy corn. The recipe has remained the same for more than 100 years. Zachary Confections Old Fashioned Candy Corn also uses this sweet ingredient for the perfect candy treat. They market the “made with honey” treat with a honey dipper on the front of the bag.

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The shocking fact about honey’s shelf life
Friday, October 7th, 2016


Product developers commonly ask, “What is the shelf life of honey?” Most find themselves in shock to find out there isn’t one.

That is right, if kept under the right conditions honey will not spoil.

Archeologists have discovered preserved honey while digging in Egypt, and to their surprise, the honey was still edible. Although we do not suggest leaving it on the shelf for that long, it does prove that honey has the capability to outlast our own lives.

Honey’s moisture content (about 17%), low pH and antibacterial properties make it one of the only ingredients that will most likely not spoil. It is, however, still important to store honey properly to maintain its integrity.

Honey should be kept in a sealed container at room temperature, between 64-75°F and out of direct sunlight. If honey is kept in cooler temperatures, between 35-60°F, it is known to hasten honey’s natural crystallization process. But that is not an end for honey.

If honey crystalizes, it can be saved by heating. Honey can be placed in hot water and slightly shaken to reduce or remove crystallization. Different varietals of honey may take longer than others to crystalize, and some actually have a low tendency to crystalize at all. Either way, it can be saved!

The next time you purchase honey, there is no need to fear. With proper care, your honey is here to stay.

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Chocolatiers putting focus on healthier ingredients
Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Chocolate with Honey

According to a study from Research and Markets, new brands and private label candy companies will boost the United States chocolate market to $30 billion by 2021. And it is not the big power house companies making the biggest dent, but the smaller artisan and niche companies promoting the health benefits of their products.

For example, Katrina Coravos started Liberty Chocolates in her kitchen with a mission to make an organic chocolate bars for her sons. Today, Liberty Chocolates makes a line of organic bars, including flavors such as maple gingersnap, and peanut butter and honey, which all use honey.

Konstanze Zeller created CocoRau, a line of raw, organic chocolate bites after an illness as an adult left her unable to eat commercial chocolate brands. Made with cacao and local ingredients, Zeller sweetens her power bites with honey, allowing people to eat clean chocolate and enjoy it, too.

Niche chocolatiers see the market for growing clean, organic candy creations and continue to drive the chocolate market to its $30 billion mark.

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