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Consumers turn to chocolate for emotional comfort
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016


Had a bad day? Grab a chocolate bar. Recent studies have shown that there are emotional benefits to eating chocolate.

“While chocolate confectionery may be considered to be a guilty pleasure, it is also a food that is strongly tied to emotional needs,” Marcia Mogelonsky, Director of Insight at Mintel, said to Candy Industry. “This is likely the reason that consumers allow themselves to indulge in chocolate.”

So why are people consuming so much chocolate? About 17% of Americans say appeasing their emotional distress is more important than the health concerns that come with ingesting large amounts of chocolate. 26% of people who buy chocolate say they are buying it to “improve their mood” while 20% use it as an energy boost.

Improving energy is just one of many reasons why confectioners should use honey when creating new confections. Honey adds sweetness to products, not to mention it is extremely versatile. Honey comes in three forms: liquid, dried and creamed. This allows confectioners to drizzle honey on chocolate, use it as a coating or in a filling. And, with more than 300 varieties in the United States alone, there are endless flavor possibilities to create truly unique and exciting products.

Some confectioners, like Bees & Beans in Portland, Ore., use honey in each product, making each batch of chocolate a sweet treat that can’t be beat. Their Honey Bar Reserve is the winner of the 2016 Good Food Award and is made with honey, organic dairy, single-origin amano chocolate, sea salt, honey caramel and hazelnut nougat.

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Holiday Numbers Are In—Candy Rules
Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Candy canes, chocolate, stocking stuffers—it seems like everywhere you look during the holiday season, candy is an integral part of the scenario.

The numbers from global information company NPD Group are in, and candy indeed ranked as the No. 1 snack item purchased during the 2013 holidays.

A whopping 50% of purchasers chose candy as their holiday snacking item of choice, according to the SnackTrack Holidays Christmas profile, which took a look at consumer activities, purchase behavior and attitudes around Christmastime.

Being that Christmas is a time of giving, 22% of surveyed adults chose candy as a gift, looking at seasonal packaging and convenient items as top reasons to buy. All-natural and all-organic confections were top trends in 2013, with the candy category up almost 20% from the year before. Candy that contains honey is a great way to satisfy both a sweet and all-natural craving.

Donna & Company’s new Fundamental Chocolate contains only three ingredients: honey, organic cacao and organic cocoa butter. The pieces are then finished with toppings like nuts and fruits. Fundamental contains no artificial preservatives.

Droga Chocolates also came out with a new product in 2013—Nutty Puddles. The newest confection features wildflower honey and whole roasted almonds combined with signature honey caramel and premium dark chocolate. Nutty Puddles are 100% natural, gluten-free and Kosher certified.

The Tea Room Chocolate Co.’s White Chocolate Bar contains all organic ingredients, including honey, vanilla extract, dry whole milk and cacao fat. The bar is then infused with whole chamomile tea blossoms, making for a unique hand-crafted premium bar.

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Cao Artisan Chocolates Honey Almond
Friday, January 17th, 2014

This pure white chocolate ganache from Cao is infused with pure almond extract and Virginia honey from Hungry Hill Farms.

The truffle is then enrobed in 60% Dominican Republic cacao dark chocolate.

Cao started with a girls’ night and the movie Chocolat. Since then, the company has focused on making chocolates from the bean. Cao uses only fresh, organic and pure extract ingredients, including only Trinitario and Criollo cacao beans.

Want to see what other candy products contain honey?

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