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Zoe’s Chocolate Company Dionysus Baklava
Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Zoe’s Chocolate Company’s Dionysus Baklava chocolates are made with honey combined with roasted walnuts and baklava spice.

The ingredients are then dipped in chocolate and rolled in a blend of nuts and spice.

Zoe is a third-generation chocolatier. Her family came from Greece and started a confection business in Baltimore, Md. in 1902. Her father, George, came to America from Greece in the 1970s and has worked as a master chocolatier in the family business ever since. Zoe’s Chocolate opened in 2007, combining tradition with modern sophistication.

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Chocolate Sweetens Holiday Charm
Friday, September 13th, 2013

The holiday season is right around the corner, and stores already are lining shelves with Halloween candy.

Even though chocolate is a hit any time of year, the National Confectioners Association recently conducted a new survey, and 62% of Americans say that chocolate brings happiness to holiday celebrations.

Part of the fun of chocolate is that it is a versatile candy that can complement many other ingredients. And, even though chocolate may be an indulgence throughout the year, 40% of respondents stated that it was OK to indulge during holiday times.

If you want honey in your box of chocolates this holiday season, there is good news! Honey can be blended with chocolate and other popular ingredients, resulting in a confection bound to satisfy any sweet tooth. Here are some great examples:

Boston-based Vianne Chocolat makes artisan chocolates with a touch of local flavor. These beehive chocolates are blended with honey, peanut butter, a touch of cayenne pepper and milk chocolate.

See’s Candies Scotchmallow contains a honey-infused marshmallow and a layer of caramel covered in rich, dark chocolate. This candy comes prepackaged like a candy bar or as smaller individual pieces.

The perfect pairing of sweet and nutty, Compartes Chocolatier Peanut Butter, Honey and Sea Salt confections are dipped in dark chocolate and infused with wild organic honey and peanut butter.



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Sanders Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Chips
Friday, September 6th, 2013

Both dark and milk chocolate lovers will enjoy these honeycomb chips of wafer thin old-fashioned taffy smothered in chocolate.

The 5.5 oz. box retails at $13.99

Sanders Chocolates first opened in 1875 by Fred Sanders. The company grew to more than 57 stories in the Great Lakes Region alone, becoming the leading purveyor of confections in the region. Now the company sells directly to national supermarket chains and has a wide online retail following.

Want to see what other candy products contain honey?

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