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Granola line expands on its efforts to save lives

Every year, severe malnutrition claims the lives of 2.6 million children. This Bar Saves Lives Is trying to change that, and its recent expansion will help them do that. This Bar Saves Lives’ idea is simple: for every bar that is bought, a life-saving packet of food is sent to a child in need. This  READ MORE »

A guide to honey’s color

Did you know that honey isn’t just amber in color? That’s right, honey comes in a variety of colors, and even has its own grading system! Find out how the color and flavor of honey change depending on the varietal. How is honey’s color graded? The United States Department of Agriculture classifies the color of  READ MORE »

Snacking made SIMPLE

In today’s society, we work through our lunches, try high-intensity diets and grab quick snacks running out the door. When there is barely enough time to brush our teeth in the morning, planning a healthy, tasty meal can be a real challenge. But what if we could make things simpler? What if we could bring  READ MORE »

General Mills taking tips on consumer health trends

General Mills is capitalizing on consumer-driven food trends with a surplus of new product launches in the upcoming months. “We’re in a period of very rapid change in the food industry. And consumers are very clear about what they want – simple ingredient lists, free from artificial colors and flavors, free from gluten, less sugar,  READ MORE »

The shocking fact about honey’s shelf life

Product developers commonly ask, “What is the shelf life of honey?” Most find themselves in shock to find out there isn’t one. That is right, if kept under the right conditions honey will not spoil. Archeologists have discovered preserved honey while digging in Egypt, and to their surprise, the honey was still edible. Although we  READ MORE »