October, 2013


The holidays are right around the corner, and Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery is weighing in on flavor trends that not only topped 2013, but also are picking up steam heading into 2014.

Fruity, nutty and sweet-and-savory are topping this year’s flavor inclusions.

According to SnackandBakery.com, dandelion honey topped Sensient Flavors’ 2013 flavor prediction list, and the sweet indulgence has become a top demand this year. Fruit flavors rolling into the holidays include pumpkin and apple mixed with a spicy ingredient. Since consumers are asking for “real” ingredients, pairing any of these hot flavors with honey results in a win-win combination.

Herr’s Honey Cheese Curls satisfy the snacking world’s craving for cheese combined with honey. Each curl includes honey with milk, cheddar cheese and paprika.

Wegman’s Premium Honey Apple Oat Bread combines honey with apples, bran and wheat gluten. And, for a trendy pumpkin muffin with honey, visit Au Bon Pain. Their muffins contain honey, pumpkin and cinnamon—a seasonal favorite.

For a mix that includes honey, nuts and hints of cloves and cinnamon, try Ovenly’s Honey Almond Corn. Roasted almonds are blended with wildflower honey caramel, coating organic popcorn, completing a snack that the whole family can enjoy.



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Balance Yogurt Honey Peanut Bar Monday, October 28th, 2013


Balance energy bars are packed with 40-30-30 nutrition.

This means that 40% of calories come from carbohydrates; 30% of calories come from protein and 30% of the bar’s calories come from dietary fat. The Yogurt Honey Peanut variety contains 15 grams of protein, 23 vitamins and minerals and 200 calories per bar.

Balance Bar was one of the originators of energy bars in the nutrition bar category. Founded in 1992 by a group of sports enthusiasts, scientists and people with a passion for life in Santa Barbara, Calif., Balance Bar continues with the same passion that started it all.

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Fiber One Oats & Strawberry Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


Fiber One’s Oats & Strawberry bars are a great combination of honey, strawberry, oats, barley flakes and nuts.

Each bar includes 35% of fiber’s daily value—nine grams—and two grams of protein.

Fiber One is a subsidiary of General Mills, which started with two flour mills in the 1860s. Now General Mills is one of the largest food companies in the world, marketing in more than 100 countries on six continents. United States sales in fiscal 2013 reached $10.6 billion.

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