July, 2014


Credible Cravings has developed a line of bars designed for mothers-to-be.

The bars feature ginger, which has properties that alleviate nausea and upset stomach, often symptoms encountered while pregnant. The bar also is sweetened with honey and joins Oatmeal Cranberry and Chocolate varieties.

Credible Cravings produces a line of organic, whole food snack bars that support the unique nutritional needs of a pregnant or breast-feeding woman. Founded in 2013, the company is based in Irvine, Calif.

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Peanuts Crack Snack Lovers’ Code Thursday, July 10th, 2014


Nutcrackers throughout America are working overtime as an array of flavorful nut varieties are making their way to shelves like never before. Even though the peanut has been around for centuries, leading manufacturers are revamping this popular nut with flavor.

Market research company Mintel reports that sales of nuts and trail mixes grew by 53% from 2008 to 2013, reaching $6.3 billion in sales. The report published on Adage.com states that nut popularity is driven by “nutritional benefits” including high fiber and protein.

New flavors like honey dijon, blueberry and strawberry aim to make the peanut more appealing to consumers. Bolder blended flavors such as barbecue and several spice varieties also are piquing buyer interest.

Planters is one of the leading peanut manufacturers in the United States, and its Dry Roasted Honey BBQ Cocktail Peanuts satisfy the urge for both sweet and salty tastes. These peanuts contain honey, maple syrup, dried molasses and sea salt. The company’s Nut-trition mix stays on trend with peanuts and honey mixed in its Sustaining Energy Blueberry Nut variety.

For those who love a little spice in their lives, Fire Dancer has released Honey Roasted Jalapeno Peanuts. Taste sweet and heat with a flavor combination that includes honey and no preservatives. They are gluten-free.

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Old Home Foods Honey Peanut Butter Thursday, July 10th, 2014


One of Old Home Foods’ newest products is the 100% all-natural peanut butter.

Old Home Foods Honey Peanut Butter

Made from fresh peanuts and sea salt, this peanut butter contains no preservatives. It comes in creamy, crunchy and honey varieties.

Old Home Foods has been a favorite Minnesota dairy brand since 1925 when Francis A. Davies founded the company around manufacturing and distributing his legendary cottage cheese. Over the last 80 years, Old Home has prided itself on its products like dips, cottage cheese, sour cream and more.


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