January, 2016



Eat Beer.

That’s what one San Francisco-based company is doing. ReGrained, founded in mid-2012 by Dan Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz, takes the wet grains from breweries and repurposes them as healthy snack bars, all of which are made with honey.

In order to make the bars, Kurzrock and Schwartz collect the used grains from local breweries, dry and bake them. At first, they tried turning the grains into bread, but the bread would expire in only one day. They realized they needed a more sustainable product and something to help prolong the shelf life. That’s where honey enters the picture.

“Honey is a huge part of our story. Not only does it add flavor to our product, but it helps with the shelf life too,” Kurzrock said. “It’s delicious and functional for binding. And we have a great opportunity to use a natural ingredient.”

After deciding to produce snack bars, they partnered with local beekeepers and created their first two flavors: Honey Almond IPA and Chocolate Coffee Stout.

“Reducing waste and investing in the growth in companies doing good for the environment is one of our main goals,” Kurzrock said. “Our next step is to increase distribution and create all different products with our unique grains. We are thinking about making a high-protein, high-fiber cookie next.”

Check out these ReGrained bars that are made with honey!

Honey Almond IPA

This snack bar is baked using grains from local breweries and infused with almonds, oats, cinnamon and honey to bind it together and give a sweet, savory taste.

Chocolate Coffee Stout

The Chocolate Coffee Stout bar pairs semi-sweet chocolate, coffee and honey to create a snack that not only fills you up, but gives you the satisfying taste of chocolate and honey in every bite.

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Paleo Diet Keeps Spreading Friday, January 29th, 2016


Paleo Diet

Innova Market Insights recently found that products that use the word ‘Paleo’ have tripled in the last three months. Here are a few of our favorite Paleo products.

Steve’s Palelogoods started in 2007 when the founder, Steve Liberati, decided to provide nutritious lunches for young athletes to eat at school. The company has grown since then, providing a variety of portable snacks for the Paleo diet. The Paleokrunch Bar is a gluten-free and grainless granola bar that helps you stay Paleo anytime, anywhere. It is a delicious blend of shredded coconut, raw pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds, raw almonds and a touch of honey.

Julian Bakery’s Paleo Bread Honey is a great way to begin your transition to the Paleo way of eating. The bread is gluten-free, grain-free, yeast-free and soy-free, and lightly sweetened with honey.

There are also alternative options instead of just drinking water if you’re on the Paleo Diet. Lipton’s Decaffeinated Honey Lemon Green Tea has a smooth taste and refreshing aroma and is made with honey.

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You Got a Pizza My Heart Wednesday, January 27th, 2016


Mama Mary's 7" Original Crusts

Pizza is a food category that isn’t going anywhere, but to keep the category growing manufacturers need to step it up in quality and variety.

A June 2014 report by Mintel showed that pizza sales at the retail level were flat between 2009 and 2014.

Manufacturers have to get creative with new products to gain consumer attention. Recent creative innovations have manifested themselves in the form of new flavors, crusts, sizes and formats. Some innovations also are aimed at making better-for-you claims.

The biggest opportunities will be found in high-quality ingredients, creative toppings and new ways to eat pizza. Manufacturers are already using innovative ideas to make their products stand out among their competitors, including the use of honey!

Amy’s Cheese Pizza – Amy’s Kitchen – Petaluma, California

This classic favorite is made with savory pizza sauce and grated mozzarella cheese. It uses organic tomatoes and flour, and its crisp crust has a sweet aftertaste from the inclusion of honey.

Mama Mary’s 7″ Original Crusts – Mama Mary’s – Holland, Ohio

These delicious crusts come in packs of three. The crust is slightly sweet from honey, and the small size makes the crust perfect for building individual pizzas or as a quick snack.

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