August, 2016



Simply crafted Tillamook Country Smoker’s Honey Glazed Beef Jerky is made with high quality meat and real hardwood smoke.

Each piece is sweetened with a honey glaze and crafted with simple ingredients for a cleaner label. Every package is also gluten-free with no nitrites, zero trans fats or msg.

Tillamook Country Smoker is a third generation family business that specializes in natural wood smoked beef jerky. Every day, Tillamook Country Smoker ships thousands of pounds of meat snacks around the world.

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Chobani Flips Pear

Chobani has expanded its award winning Chobani Flip line with new varieties made with whole-milk yogurt, including Pure Pear & Honey.

Using the original concept of flipping flavor into its dairy snacks, consumers can now enjoy a whole milk yogurt option mixed with fruit and honey.

Chobani is the top-selling brand of yogurt in the United States, and their Chobani Flip line was recently named a 2016 U.S. Breakthrough Innovation Award winners by Nielsen.

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Skeeter Snacks Honey Grahams are all-natural honey grahams with a clean label.

With an emphasis on being tree-nut and peanut free, the mascot Skeeter-shaped whole grain grahams are safe for TPA allergies and flavored with honey. When you buy Skeeter Nut Free Honey Grahams, you have peace of mind knowing that your serving is completely nut free.

Skeeter Snacks specializes in making peanut and tree-nut free snacks that are cost efficient without sacrificing taste. With a strict zero-tolerance “nut protocol” in their manufacturing process and supply chain, Skeeter makes treats safe for kids and adults dealing with tree-nut and peanut (TPA) allergies.

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