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Bee Energy

For consumers, waking up can be the toughest part of the day. But for one California couple, they’re using honey to not only wake themselves up, but the rest of the world too.

“Our first Bee Energy run was in 2012, but the concept was first started probably about two years prior,” Joni Dosanjh, co-owner of Bee Energy, said. Joni operates the business with her husband, Tony.

“Bee Energy is categorized as an energy shot,” she said. “It was started by my husband and I. I had gone back to school for graphic design and was taking Five Hour Energy to help me get through finals.” However, her major complaint was that she wanted a “healthier alternative to Five Hour Energy.”

Tony started researching cleaner energy drink options. “We came up with the idea of combining honey, green tea, acai, and Vitamins B, C and D into an energy shot,” Joni said. “I created the packaging and about a year later our partner, Lawrence, came onboard and that’s how Bee Energy was created.”

Using honey was always a major part of their process and was the inspiration for their entire company.

“Honey was the ingredient the entire beverage was built around,” Joni said. “We decided to create our beverage after learning what a powerful source of natural energy honey is. It was the entire reason for creating our beverage.”

As of right now, Bee Energy is the only product they sell, but that doesn’t mean they won’t expand in the future.

“We are hoping to expand Bee Energy to a larger audience, getting into more stores across California,” Joni said. “We would love to expand nationally one day, but our focus right now is California.”

They are also focusing on creating new categories of energy shots such as a shot to help consumers relax, help boost immunity, and other ideas as well. And the best part is that each new innovation will be built around honey.

“We want to provide people with an energy shot that would not only give them the energy boost that they need, but was also a healthy multivitamin. Our caffeine is naturally derived from coffee and tea, and is about at the same level as a cup of coffee: 100 milligrams,” Joni said. “Because the energy boost people get with our energy shot not only comes from the caffeine, but also the honey, there is no crash.”

Joni says instead of feeling jittery and “on edge,” consumers simply feel like they had a good night’s sleep. And since honey is in every shot, it’s sure to give consumers sweet dreams.

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Honey can be used as a complete or partial replacement for almost any sweetener.  

In many cases, food and beverage manufactures are looking to substitute honey for sugar. Honey has a high fructose content, so it is sweeter than sugar, allowing processors to use less honey than sugar to achieve the desired sweetness.

Honey also complements other natural sweeteners, both traditional and high-intensity. If you pick up any natural food or beverage product in the supermarket, almost every one uses multiple sweeteners to attain the desired flavor, color and mouthfeel. Honey contributes positively to each of these elements.

Plus, honey is a natural sweetener that can be used for more than flavor and functionality. The marketability of honey is unique attribute rare among sweeteners. When processors use honey in their product, they most likely include “honey” in the name of the product and use the ingredient to market their products.

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Honey Shines at Fancy Food Show Wednesday, September 17th, 2014


Fall is fast approaching, therefore it’s time to reflect upon some of the hot summer trends that swept this year’s Fancy Food Show. reports that this year’s show was the largest ever, with a record breaking 2,700 exhibitors. Sales are up in the gourmet food industry, with an 18.4% leap in the past two years.

Three hundred new exhibitors hit the show floor and contributed to the spirited, smoky, fiery, coconut and s’more trends of the season. Candy Industry chose several products that were breaking boundaries while staying on trend. Several are sweetened with honey.

Quin Candy goes the traditional route with handmade products using real purees and minimal locally-sourced ingredients, including honey. A new twist on the old happens when trendy flavors are added, including blackberry tangerine, lemon tangerine and smoked cola.

Oregon Distillers Collection offers three truffles made with honey in its Moonstruck Collection: Honey Vanilla Caramel, Sea Salt Vanilla Caramel Milk Chocolate and Pure Gold Truffle. Items in the collection stay on trend with paired with spirit-infused chocolates.

Two of Mediterra’s new nutrition bar sets introduced at the show are made with honey. They include four varieties:  Orange & Honey and Pistachio & Honey, made with Greek honey and Cherry & Pistachio and Apricot & Pistachio. All bars in the lineup are inspired by a Mediterranean diet: sundried fruits, whole grains and Greek honey.

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