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Consumers are demanding more food producers start using honey. This high demand for nature’s all-natural sweetener comes from consumers’ rise in faith in honey as a better-for-you alternative to other sweeteners.

 “Beverage companies are finding new ways to formulate wth honey and some are promoting the sweetener as laden with antioxidant and antibacterial properties, as well as a good source of vitamins and minerals,” said an article in BevNET magazine. “The uptick in honey is most apparent in new premium teas, including two varieties of Purity Organic’s recently launched ‘supertea’ line.”

 The resurgence of honey stems also from consumers seeking better-for-you alternatives outside of the government’s normal recommendations. Natural sweetener alternatives, like honey, account for only 1% of the global market for sweeteners, according to Lux Research, a Boston-based market research firm.

 This demand of consumers is causing companies that use sweeteners to no longer rely on certain kinds, and instead are turning to natural and innovative options.

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S’mores are a campfire staple. But now, consumers want them all the time, not just when around a fire. Food companies are capitalizing on this growing trend, infusing the taste of delicious s’mores into many different products.

“I believe there are several drivers behind the s’mores resurgence, not the least of which is its unique flavor profile that’s deliciously appealing across age groups,” Alan Owen, Marketing Director of Sensient Flavors, said to Food Business News. “It also translates so well into a number of different applications such as frozen dairy, yogurt, sweet bakery and even fluid milk.” Check out how Honey Maid is capitalizing on the deliciousness of s’mores with honey.

S'mores crackersHoney Maid Grahamfuls S’mores
Mondelez International – East Hanover, N.J

These graham crackers taste just like a campfire! Made with honey, these are the perfect treat to snack on when you want to go camping, but the kitchen is the next best thing.

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 Potato ChipsIt’s no secret consumers are craving salty snacks. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery magazine says some of the strongest growth in salty snack sales is driven by consumers looking for clean labels, better-for-you products and unique flavor pairings, making honey the idea ingredient to satisfy both needs.

Honey is a prime ingredient many different salty snack manufactures turn to to give their products that extra bit of sweetness to compliment the salty taste.

Diamond Foods, the owner of the Kettle Foods brand, produces Honey Dijon potato chips, a combination of the sophisticated taste of Dijon mustard with honey and the freshest, all-natural ingredients.

Or check out Snyder of Berlin’s Barbeque Potato Chips. The chips are made from the finest potatoes and seasoned with barbecue sauce and honey, proving a real backyard honey barbecue experience, perfect as a snack or picnic.

Consumers love the salty and sweet, a potent flavor profile that is perfected when honey is added into the mix.

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