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18 Rabbits, San Francisco, Calif.

18 Rabbits, San Francisco, Calif., opened with the mission to empower consumers with real nourishment and pure food choices.

The company’s new Jr. bars are portioned to fit smaller appetites with the same big flavor. They’re a great choice for packing in a child’s lunch or just taking to the park. The bars come in four flavors: Mango Strawberry, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Cherry, and Cranberry Apricot. Ingredients include whole rolled oats, honey, sunflower oil, maple syrup, pumpkin seeds and other wonderfully natural ingredients you can feel good about giving to your little snackers.

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For the last three months, consumer spending at restaurants and bars was greater than grocery stores.

This monumental shift is the first of its kind as evidenced by the chart above from the American Enterprise Institute, and marks a significant milestone in how food and beverage manufacturers market and distribute their products.

Chart Stopper: Where People Buy Food is Changing

Did you like this? Share it: recently tackled the subject of sweetener replacement, and honey made the mark as a replacement option for bakers and snack food manufacturers who desire a clean label sweetener.

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