Mariani Honeybars December 9th, 2014

MarianiVariety 286x300 Mariani Honeybars

This Honeybar variety 30-pack from Mariani contains bars from the line of made with honey products.

Seven bars each of Cranberry Honeybar and Sesame Honeybar and eight bars each of Trail Mix Honeybar and Granola Honeybar are a delicious and money-saving option.

Paul Mariani was the immigrant son of a European farmer who arrived in the Santa Clara Valley in 1906. After planting fruit trees and expanding acreage, he opened new markets, leaving a legacy to his family. Now four generations later, the company sells more than 125 million pounds of product annually.



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Capistrano’s Wholesale Bakery is the Bakery of the Year, according to Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery magazine.

With more than 200 products, including Honey Wheat Sliced Loaf Bread, in its arsenal, this Phoenix, Ariz.-based baker delivers products fresh daily.

The magazine lists multiple reasons for the award, the first being that Capistrano’s “works hard to ensure that its products are tasty, innovative and what its customers want.” In addition, the bakery provides stellar customer service and creates a wide variety of breads, buns, rolls, bagels, pizza dough, sourdough bread, pretzel rolls and artisan products.

Even though the bakery distributes mostly throughout Arizona and the West Coast, some items can be shipped throughout the Midwest. The hope, according to Capistrano’s operations team leader, is to maintain freshness while growing its frozen product capacity. Growth, sustainability and future plans also were cited as key reasons why the 40-year-old bakery was chosen for the honor.

The National Honey Board congratulates Capistrano’s for the recognition!

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Honey Almond Crisp bars by Isagenix’s FiberSnacks! contain honey, sunflower oil, goji berry extract and carrot powder. With six grams of both protein and dietary fiber in each serving, these bars are a great way to satisfy hunger and stay fuller longer. They are gluten-free and all-natural with no artificial colors or flavors.

Isagenix is an innovative health and wellness company based in Chandler, Ariz. Founded in 2002, the company’s vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain. Products include shakes, slim cakes, bars and greens.

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