Breeze Bars September 11th, 2014

BreezeBars Breeze Bars

Breeze Bars’ entire line of gluten-, dairy- and wheat-free snack bars are made with clover honey.

Varieties include Original Peanut Crunch, Chocolate Cranberry, Maple Almond, Cocoa Espresso and Nut Free Sunflower. Each bar comes in a choice of 9 oz. or 2 oz.

Breeze Bars were developed in 2009 by Breeze Brown, a registered dietitian, for her sister who had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and other friends. Now Breeze Bars has moved from a kitchen-based operation to nearly 100 retailers nationwide.

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Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits combine a crispy texture and 100% natural whole grain oats.

Sweetened with honey and packed with 26 grams of whole grains, five grams of protein and four grams of fiber per serving, they are designed to provide long-lasting energy.

Nature Valley is one of General Mills’ grain-snack brands. General Mills, a Fortune 500 company with more than 35,000 employees, is headquartered in the Minneapolis suburb of Golden Valley, Minn. Its brand portfolio includes more than 89 other leading U.S. brands.

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Even the Cookie Monster must be overwhelmed.

The cookie industry is showing no signs of crumbling, in fact consumers are asking for more: more flavors, more nutrition and more allergy-free options. And, manufacturers are doing their best to produce products that cater to the masses.

According to Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery’s State of the Industry cookie report, taste still is one of the biggest sales drivers in the cookie category. However, consumers are no longer willing to sacrifice great taste for nutrition. They want the best of both worlds, now knowing that it’s possible.

Innovative sweeteners such as honey, clean labels and attractive packaging are driving recent cookie sales upward. Smaller and thinner cookies are on trend, along with gluten-free (which seems to be a trend in every possible food and beverage category) and convenience. With all of the demands in place, the State of the Industry report states that the opportunities are endless for cookies.

“Fighting for space in a relatively mature category dominated by large companies is a challenge,” the report says.

Back to Nature is fighting for a top spot with its Dark Chocolate & Oats Granola Cookies. They are baked with 100% whole grain, sweetened with honey and made with semi-sweet chocolate and cocoa beans. The cookies have no hydrogenated oils or artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

Enjoy Life is a gluten-free bakery that produces Vanilla Honey Graham cookies. These cookies contain a rich, buttery flavor with honey. They are handcrafted and are gluten-, wheat-, dairy-, peanut-, tree nut-, egg- and soy-free.

A larger company integrating cookies further into the market is Kashi. Its Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Soft-Baked Cookies are kosher-certified and naturally-sweetened with wildflower honey. Each all-natural cookie contains 12 grams of whole grains and four grams of fiber.

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